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Friday, June 23, 2006

First Rant

Welcome to my first rant. Knowing me, it won't be the last :)

On Thursday I took "Goose" (DD, 6yo) and "Dash" (DS, 4yo) on an outing to see "Disney on Ice". Even though our seats were right up at the top of the Rod Laver Arena, we had a pretty good view and the kids on the whole enjoyed themselves.

My experience was slightly different. $22 for a program and a fake red rose? Gulp. It's all part of the deal, I suppose, remembering how much I enjoyed poring over programs as a kid. At intermission, I was stuck, not wanting to take the kids out to line up for refreshments, and them being much too young for me to leave them while I went. There were vendors with their trays walking around, but the only ones who came near us were selling yet more tat: flashing swords, Mickey ears and the like. Thank goodness our kids are well-enough behaved that when I explained why they couldn't have a drink, they didn't create a fuss.

My real rant is reserved for Yarra Trams. Now, I don't know much about our public transport systems - despite being married to the Connex Whinger - but wouldn't you think they would be aware of events at Rod Laver and Vodafone arenas? Especially events involving kids and families? Surely someone up there has the nous to think "Gee, we'll need a couple of extra trams at the end of the show to get them into the city or out to Richmond"!

Nup. We stood there as a crowd of damp, tired, cold potential commuters and waited. And waited. And waited. Twenty minutes and two overfull trams later, the kids and I finally squeezed onto a tram for the homeward journey.

Next time we're driving all the way, baby!

Coming up: it's a good jumper, but it doesn't do me justice. To sell or not to sell?


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