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Saturday, June 24, 2006

News Flash!

I am so excited, I can't put words to it.

Oh, OK, since you insist...

I had a phone call today from one of the organisers of the Handweaving and Spinners' Guild of Victoria Summer School, asking me if I'd be prepared to teach a class next January. The topic is fairly fluid at present but we have certainly reached "in principle agreement" that I will be able to teach something, probably about knitting. Can't say more at this stage, but stay tuned.

Sssshh, don't tell them I'd probably pay them to be able to teach what I love...


  • Congratulations!

    By Blogger Nichola, at 7:13 am  

  • My bleary eyes read your proposed topic to be "fairy fluid" and I was wondering what type of knitting was fairy - I'd gotten as far as thiking it was a lace type, when I re-read it and realised it was "fairly fluid".

    I do think a topic on fairy fluid would be intriguing though....

    By Blogger Andrea, at 7:06 pm  

  • Hmmm... in the Bamix or pressed through the garlic mincer?

    Actually there's a dish detergent in the UK called Fairy Liquid, so maybe we could knit it out of ... wait, that's just too silly!

    By Blogger Moorecat, at 9:16 pm  

  • Ooh, that's so exciting - whether you go for Andrea's suggestion or not!

    By Blogger larissa, at 1:56 am  

  • congratulations on multipe fronts: starting a blog and being offered a chance to share your considerable wisdom with a willing audience (and get paid for it).
    hope you're well!

    By Blogger Di, at 6:14 am  

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