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Thursday, July 13, 2006

The Road to Hell is Paved with Good Intentions...

... and abandoned WIPs :D

I had every intention of posting on this blog on a regular, *frequent* basis. Suffice to say, life has gotten in my way again. Three hour committee meetings don't help, nor does Dash with his it-might-be-a-cold-but-you-don't-look-sick-enough-to-take-to-the-doctor syndrome.

On that topic, man-oh-man do I put myself through the hoops before lifting the phone to make a doctor's appointment for the kids. I hate sitting there being patronised for being a hypochondriac-mum-by-proxy, yet I've also had to sit there and be gently chided for not bringing them in soon enough. A rock and a hard place? The devil and the deep blue sea? You bet your arse ;-S

On top of all that, DH is away in Perth for 9 days; he's only been gone since yesterday morning but we all miss him like mad already - only seven sleeps to go :^C

Hmm, my keyboard seems to have run out of hyphens ... plenty of dots left though ... and cliches, reading back through ...

Maybe some knitting content will be inserted this weekend ... I can hear the suspense killing you from here (...)


  • Ahh, now that's better, I can post too, although if I tell you how much spinning and knitting I've been doing lately you'll turn very green. I hope your kids finish their Then you can get back to serious yarning.

    By Anonymous Lyn, at 8:32 pm  

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