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Thursday, November 30, 2006

Not Much to Say

...and how unusual is that? I hear several voices ask :)

The reason is that I've temporarily lost my voice with a summer cold. (As another school mum said to me this morning, "If you were a man, you'd have been in bed for three days!") Not lost, exactly, but I sound like a teenage boy whose voice is breaking, very squeaky. If I start sprouting hairs on my chest, I'll be seriously freaked out.

Speaking of being SFO, check out Yarn Harlot's latest experience with her new neighbour. Now is probably a good time to warn you not to eat or drink while reading this post. You'll work out why for yourself.

Also waiting for DH to come back from Perth (again) tomorrow night. He's expressed an interest in seeing this play, so I might have a review to post here before long. The last time I went to the theatre - not counting kinder concerts? A Christmas panto in the UK, but I guess that doesn't count, either. God, it was so much fun, though; gotta love shouting out "Oh, no, you're not!" and "Behind you!" like all the other kids :D The last serious theatre was probably a production (John Bell?) of Richard III in Canberra in 1997/98 with my brother, who was visiting from Melbourne.

Oh, and check out my friend Michelle's blog and gallery. My favourite painting this time around? This one.


  • I love yelling "Behind you!" too- but it's been a long long time since I did...

    By Blogger Di, at 12:26 am  

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