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Wednesday, July 26, 2006

Steve Bracks? SEXy??

Who'd have thought it? Relax, I haven't suddenly parked my taste in men in my backside :D

Yesterday I received a cheque in the mail. A cheque for $150. Apparently this supposedly covers the cost of Goose starting school this year. Here's a newsflash, Bracksy: we outlaid our dosh at the start of the year, when Goose needed her uniform, shoes, and a backpack the size of most small European principalities.

Hang on ... you mean, there's a state election coming up? And that's why we get a cheque now, so we'll theoretically remember it on voting day, come November? No chance.

Tell you what, Bracksy. I'll spend mine on yarn (hence the SEX), thanks all the same. You can take your chances in November.....

PS: Didn't Goose look ready to start school?


  • I am just waiting for the pollies to give up the pretence, and just bring great wads of cash to the polling station come election day. [Its times like this that I wish I lived in a marginal seat - they always have fantabulous libraries, and improved infrastructure at election time ...]

    Enjoy spending your yarn cheque! [Although I suspect it will be on physio for your girl's back, if that backpack is as big as it looks!]

    By Anonymous Kate, at 3:27 pm  

  • I definitely think we should rename those education cheques 'Yarn Cheques'. Nice one.
    PS. That child looks so adorable.

    By Blogger Suse, at 12:11 am  

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