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Friday, September 22, 2006

Lots Going On

Here I am again. If I'm not careful, this blog could become a regular thing ;D

I was all so excited about my brand new Annie Accord this week. I took her everywhere and she behaved impeccably. Tonight, however, she blotted her copybook. While reversing into my own driveway (oh the humiliation), I failed to spot the car round the corner in my neighbour's spot.

Now, in my defence, my neighbour does not drive and doesn't own a car. She has had maybe five visitors park there in the last six years we've been living here. In these circumstance the reverse parking sensors do not help, as I hit the side of my car against the bumper of the visiting car. This just after missing my neighbour's visitor, as he ducked into her front gate after I had started my reverse maneouvre. Maybe he and his car have a death wish?

Ouch and air-turned-blue for a good while. Luckily there is no discernible damage to the other car (can you damage a Datsun Stanza any more than it is at its age?), so it's just the insurance excess and DH to get over. At least now I can stop wondering when the first blemish will appear on my perfect (sob) car.

Just when I thought life was improving, as I got my knitting groove back today.....


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