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Thursday, November 16, 2006

FO - only it's not mine

Go and have a look at Nikki-shell's latest FO.

Beats me how a busy girl like her has time to knit or otherwise craft so stylishly, let alone blog about it all.

Sorry I've gone AWOL again, but I had some sad family news over the last couple of weeks. I don't even want to blog about it; it just feels too raw and sensitive. The main reason I don't want to blog is that I'm not the primary one affected, so it's not my life I'd be exposing to all and sundry.

I was about to say that I'll be really glad when this year is over, but that's not strictly true. Goose has had a red-hot start to school this year, and has coped with everything she's been asked to do beautifully. But I shouldn't be surprised; she is a beautiful, mature six-year-old. DH and I are still trying to work out where she gets it from; maybe it skipped a generation...

Dash has also really grown and matured this year, while enjoying his four-year-old kinder. He can now read nearly as well as his sister (who seems to be reading well beyond her year level) and is looking forward to starting school in a little over two months.

Wow. I keep asking the kids what I'll do with myself when they're both at school, but it's yet to sink in that I'll be on my own for most of the school day. DH thinks I'll be in the job market, but I keep saying I'm too busy to get a job. Seriously.

All joking aside, I'm not sure I want to put that sort of pressure on the kids (and us) before and after school. I'd be happy to hear from working parents, on themes like when do you get to hear their reading, talk about their day, etc? How does it work when you don't pick them up from aftercare until nearly 6pm? What do you do about school holidays or when the kids are sick?

I know I'm a really lucky mum. I don't have to work; I've had the last six years out of the paid workforce, and while we haven't achieved all of our financial goals, we do feel especially blessed that we've been able to give our two a home-based start to life. I'm sorry if I sound complacent or smug in any way. I'm not putting down anyone who has made other choices or taken other paths in their childrearing journey.

Hopefully I'll have a knitting FO to show next week, but it's a secret for now. Funny how I started this blog as a record of my knitting...


  • Ah but remember, it did take me a year and a half to finish ;-)

    By Anonymous nichola, at 4:27 am  

  • the work/family can work - we have had some our of 'deepest' conversations in the car on the way to and/or from school. workplaces are pretty good about school holidays/sick kids too although it requires a fair amount of juggling and an agreement with your partner that responsibilities will be shared equally. i work 4 days a week with a 2 year old, 9 year old and 11 year old and most of the time it's fine. good luck!

    By Blogger lisette, at 3:16 am  

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