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Friday, December 22, 2006

Meet My Inner Goddess

Just keep it nice in the comments :D

You scored as Rita Hayworth. You're the one who has the most fun. People are attracted to you because you don't pretend to be anything but what you are. You know you are attractive and like to play on that - which makes you even sexier. However, when it calls for you to be serious, like Rita, you need to know that only hard work will get success.

Which Classic Screen Goddess are you? (pics)
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Merry Christmas to all, if I don't get back to the blog in the next few days. Presents are all bought but need wrapping, the tree is up, food shopping is done, no Christmas knitting remains undone, it just remains to decide if I'm going to bake bread as my Christmas Day contribution to the extended family gathering, or just go to the bakery on Sunday and freeze them for a day. Yep, sounds like a plan...


  • And a merry Christmas to you, too, Rita (actually I am a Rita, too, according to the quiz, but I'm hardly in your league!).

    I hope you have a wonderful family celebration and see the New Year in suitable style.



    By Anonymous Lyn, at 5:45 pm  

  • Hope you had a fun and relaxing christmas gathering- best wishes for the new year!

    By Blogger Di, at 11:08 pm  

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