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Monday, December 11, 2006

Merry and not so merry

Yesterday I went to my Mum's place to help her sort through and destash "a bit". Five hours later we had made some progress but not completed the job. Later yesterday I took four archive boxes of fabric and a box full of zippers over to Nichola's place. Boy, did she think Santa had made his rounds early :D

Seriously, I'm glad Mum is destashing now and sorting through what's important or not. I'd hate to have to do it without her in many years' (I hope) time. The funniest moment was finding an unopened packet of bias binding from Kingsway Stores (anyone remember them?), labelled July 1962 and costing 2/3 (2 shillings and threepence)!! I told Mum I could show it to Mr ConnexWhinger as proof that my hoarding habits are genetically imprinted and way beyond my control. Actually, it's probably nature and nurture!!

In a not so merry episode, one of Melbourne's quilt shops has experienced a number of thefts lately. Go and look here for the details and what to look out for. These scummy cretins have no concept of the hours and hours that go into a work of art like this. It's almost as if they'd ripped it right out of your hands.

More knitting going on but not much to show ... yet :)


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