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Sunday, February 04, 2007

A Dash of Culture

Last Saturday I did something I haven't done for a long time.

I went to a gallery opening, and even more unusually for me, I knew one of the artists! The theme was Love Generation, most appropriate given Valentine's Day is coming up ;)

I love Michelle's style, the people she paints look just like "ordinary" people, yet with an air of mystery, as if there are many layers to explore. Sorry, I'm no art critic; if that last sentence is as clear as mud, then the fault lies with me, not the art!

Today I'm back to the mundane realities of life, defrosting the small freezer. It's quite meditative, sitting here at the kitchen table while the ice gently melts and the water drips onto the towel folded in the base. I've been known to take the hairdryer to the freezer to accelerate the process, but it's too hot for that today - we were supposed to get 38 degress Celsius, but it topped out at 35. Still too hot to be blasting hot air around, even with the air-conditioning on.

And I'm sorry, Mr Batchelor, but I won't be setting my aircon for 26 degrees. What's the point if it doesn't make you comfortable? When ministers have all departmental and parliamentary aircon switched to 26 degrees, then I'll think again.

Sorry if you came looking for knitting-related posts, maybe later this week. I have finished the steeked vest (and two other items), but I can't find my camera to prove it. I'm also concentrating my kidfree daylight hours to some overdue computer work; about halfway through it after three days.


  • The hairdryer is much better than the paint stripper!!!

    By Blogger Spinayarn99, at 3:30 am  

  • Mwah Catherine!
    The tone of the room lifted as soon as you entered.

    Thanks so much for coming to the opening. It was so lovely to have you there :)

    By Blogger michelle giacobello, at 10:19 pm  

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