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Monday, April 02, 2007

Blogger's Malaise

I've seen this hit other bloggers before. I always thought that it was just a matter of pulling yourself together, having a strong cuppa and a steely determination to write the next post.

But it's not that easy, is it?

I now find that keeping this blog up-to-date is a chore. It's not that I don't have anything to write about; I do. I had a great weekend at Harrietville with the Guild just over a week ago. I've finished a number of projects (small and smaller, admittedly) and am quite keen on the Mermaid Jacket (Hanne Falkenberg, colourway 10) currently occupying the needles.

OK, here's one FO I already have the photos uploaded for. It's an Elizabeth Zimmermann Very Warm Hat, adapted to allow for the fact that young Oscar's parents barrack for two different AFL teams: the Sydney Swans and the Western Bulldogs.

But back to me. I am resenting the time and inspiration required to sit down and compose something worth reading (imho, anyway).

A chat with Michelle tonight crystallised this for me; thanks, MG!

So I'm officially on hiatus from today. I may be back in a month, it might take me 6 months to get my blogging mojo back. No promises.

See you round (like a rissole).


  • I know the feeling (the blog chore feeling, not the "oh my god I can't believe my parents follow Aussie Rules- and not only that, but they picked different teams!" kind of feeling).
    I tend to find that it's the blogs I read that inspire me to post again- even if it's just a quick post to say "go look at this and this and this- I think they're great".
    see you 'round (like a cue ball, felt freak)

    By Blogger Di, at 2:20 pm  

  • :-( Well at least i get to see you in real life!

    By Blogger nikkishell, at 4:21 pm  

  • Good for you Catherine, and I hope that the pull of the keyboard draws you back refreshed and amusing as always in the not too distant future.

    By Anonymous michelle giacobello, at 9:56 pm  

  • saw your comment about your grey hair on Crazy Aunt Purls comments. You've got great grey hair!

    By Anonymous Debbie, at 5:11 pm  

  • Thanks, girls, for leaving such supportive comments.

    Debbie, I was only kidding about the Clairol. I'm quite reconciled with my very individual hair shade now.

    Apparently it's what kids do to you :D

    By Blogger Moorecat, at 11:22 pm  

  • I couldn't believe my eyes when I read your blog .... I just wrote something similar on my own blog. So I am really glad I am not on my own.
    And I think your hair colouring is beautiful.

    By Blogger Spinayarn99, at 2:00 am  

  • Well, I've just come from Jean's blog to check you out, and here you are, saying Goodbye. I suppose I'll just have to read your archives :)

    By Blogger Helen, at 5:17 am  

  • hi

    I'm the lady with the row 57 problem

    I have 128 stitches on my completed row. I think this is ok


    By Blogger susan, at 6:13 am  

  • Hi Catherine.
    I notice you're on 'blogging hiatus' so I hope you get this comment.
    Thank you for your 'new dog name' suggestion! I was actually overwhelmed by responses!

    By Blogger Carson, at 2:49 pm  

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