Catherine's Wheel

Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Bitch Karma Fairy

I've had a visit from the bitch-karma fairy.

I have spent the last two days cleaning my house: carpets, tiles, changing sheets on all beds yesterday, cleaning showers, basins, loos, bath, stove and kitchen sink today.

I reached under the kitchen sink for a steel wool pad to shine up said sink, to find the box standing in water.

Seems we've had a slow leak under there for a while now, I think since the agent sent his numpty handyman to replace the kitchen mixer tap, around 6 months ago.

Now the shelf needs replacing, as well as probably the bottom of the cupboard.


I forced myself to stick to the cleaning, bribing Self with fun trips out (movies, clothes shopping) and special time with my spinning wheel. I figured that since my blog implies use of wheels, I should provide some evidence that I actually know how to use one.

Now I can see my week disappearing waiting for the same numpty to come and fix what he stuffed up in the first place.


At least I'm off to Scienceworks with my son and his new Prep friend tomorrow. It's their last Wednesday off. Dash's school has a policy of giving Preps Wednesdays off, to ease them into the next thirteen years of unremitting slog. I asked Dash what he wanted to do, thinking a trip to the park or perhaps a movie, but Scienceworks won hands down.

Hmmm, just been to look up the link and seen there's an exhibition on monsters and animatronics. Right up Dash's street, and his mate doesn't seem to scare easily, either.

Could be worse. In five or ten years it'll probably be amusement arcades, although my presence is bound to be strongly discouraged by then.

Sunday, February 04, 2007

A Dash of Culture

Last Saturday I did something I haven't done for a long time.

I went to a gallery opening, and even more unusually for me, I knew one of the artists! The theme was Love Generation, most appropriate given Valentine's Day is coming up ;)

I love Michelle's style, the people she paints look just like "ordinary" people, yet with an air of mystery, as if there are many layers to explore. Sorry, I'm no art critic; if that last sentence is as clear as mud, then the fault lies with me, not the art!

Today I'm back to the mundane realities of life, defrosting the small freezer. It's quite meditative, sitting here at the kitchen table while the ice gently melts and the water drips onto the towel folded in the base. I've been known to take the hairdryer to the freezer to accelerate the process, but it's too hot for that today - we were supposed to get 38 degress Celsius, but it topped out at 35. Still too hot to be blasting hot air around, even with the air-conditioning on.

And I'm sorry, Mr Batchelor, but I won't be setting my aircon for 26 degrees. What's the point if it doesn't make you comfortable? When ministers have all departmental and parliamentary aircon switched to 26 degrees, then I'll think again.

Sorry if you came looking for knitting-related posts, maybe later this week. I have finished the steeked vest (and two other items), but I can't find my camera to prove it. I'm also concentrating my kidfree daylight hours to some overdue computer work; about halfway through it after three days.

Thursday, February 01, 2007

Did I Slip ... or Was I Pushed?

WARNING: if I know you, and you've delivered a child in the last 48 hours, and you work with my DH - SPOILER AHEAD!!!

So, I signed up (in my head, anyway) for Knit From Your Stash for 2007, inspired by Wendy Johnson's intentions.

So far, I've been to my LYS (Wool Baa) three times this year, twice for a group meet, once to pick up a needle I needed for the Mermaid jacket. Total yarn purchase? Nil. Zip. Rien. Zero. Nada. Remember, tools don't count.

Yesterday, one of DH's colleagues delivered her first child - a boy. This child is the product of a mixed marriage - in terms of Aussie Rules, that is. We have been to the footy a few times with the new parents, including the last two Grand Finals. They are each passionate about their respective teams. Today I sifted through my stash and patterns, looking for something to make for the new arrival.

Suddenly that ol' lightbulb flashed on in my head, and I found the pattern/recipe I wanted: an EZ pattern for a double-thickness hat, known as the Very Warm Hat, and last published in "The Opinionated Knitter". The reason I wanted this design? I could make each side in one of the teams his parents follow, so which side is seen on the outside will depend on which parent he goes out with. Thanks, I thought it was inspired, too :D

I rang my conscience, Nic (who shall henceforth be known as Jiminy Cricket heehee), who confirmed my belief that breaking the diet to buy the specific colours required for each team was acceptable, giving me a dispensation for this purchase.

Off I went to Wool Baa, and bought some Patons Bluebell in the three colours required. I'd forgotten how nice Patons Bluebell is to knit, although I do remember it as being a crisper crepe than its current incarnation. Nothing more constant than change, I always say!

So, what do the rest of you think? Did I sin? Should I do penance? What form should it take? Answers on the back of a comment (or the back of a coffee scroll), please.