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Monday, September 25, 2006

Got Yarn?

I was browsing at the s'n'b Melbourne Yahoo Group today, and there was a post from a newly arrived knitter, asking for local yarn sources. Here's my answer:

Hey Claire -

You don't mention where in Melbourne you are.

Your fairly ordinary yarns can be found at Spotlight stores throughout Melbourne; they stock Cleckheaton wool which is dependable and one label can be machine-washable, as well as Panda Woolbale which can be felted, not to mention a good selection of acrylics, if that floats your boat :)

If you're east of the CBD, try Sunspun in Canterbury, pricy but most Rowanettes end up there sooner or later. Wondoflex in Malvern has a wide range of wool, as well as some weird and wonderful yarns. They stock Filatura di Crosa, too. Wool Baa in Albert Park is a lovely store (probably my first choice) and has an excellent range of yarns, patterns and needles. Marta's in Waverley Rd, East Malvern (near Caulfield station) is an Aladdin's Cave. Try to stuff your ears with cotton wool before you go in, or the yarns will all whisper to you, calling for you to take them home :D

AK Traditions in Malvern Rd, Prahran/Hawksburn has a good range of Rowan, although their main focus is their amazing range of felted handcrafts from one of the formerly-Russian republics (Kyrgyz Republic).

Wool Shop Direct (no apparent website) has a store in the city (upstairs at the cnr of Russell and Bourke) and also near Moorabbin station and in Surrey Hills. Williamstown in the inner west has Stitchery Blue, knitting yarn and needlework generally.

I believe there's a shop out east, Doncaster/Knox way, who sells Brown Sheep and Red Heart yarns, as well as Classic Elite. Anyone know the name of this one - it seems to be one I haven't been to, odd as that may seem...

For something one-off and unusual, try the Handweavers and Spinners Guild's Gallery in North Carlton. Guild members sell their handspun yarn there for not much more than standard 8 ply ($5.50 for 50g, roughly). You can get anything from one skein to a sweater/jumper's worth. Also in the north is Knitter's Workshop in Brunswick, again a good range of quality yarns (last time I looked).

Most of the festivals are over for the year, except for the Textile Fibre Forum's open day in Geelong this Saturday. WHY must it be on Grand Final day??? Sooo not fair when passions collide (go Swans!). If you go to this, say hi to Sarah Durrant, who sells Colinette yarns in the same way that the targets of the Purana taskforce sell illicit substances.... (hi Sarah *waves cheekily and ducks for cover*)

Another out of town destination is Bendigo Woollen Mills. They give great mail order, no website. Call (03) 5442 4600 and ask for a shade card. They usually give you 10% off within a certain timeframe for new customers, just to tempt you that little bit more. Quality is excellent, and comes in 200g balls (fewer ends to darn in)

Did I forget anyone?

Welcome; hopefully we'll see you tomorrow night (and/or any last Wednesday of the month) at the meet at Prahran Market in Commercial Road, 7pm at Mojito's, licensed and great dinners!

Friday, September 22, 2006

Lots Going On

Here I am again. If I'm not careful, this blog could become a regular thing ;D

I was all so excited about my brand new Annie Accord this week. I took her everywhere and she behaved impeccably. Tonight, however, she blotted her copybook. While reversing into my own driveway (oh the humiliation), I failed to spot the car round the corner in my neighbour's spot.

Now, in my defence, my neighbour does not drive and doesn't own a car. She has had maybe five visitors park there in the last six years we've been living here. In these circumstance the reverse parking sensors do not help, as I hit the side of my car against the bumper of the visiting car. This just after missing my neighbour's visitor, as he ducked into her front gate after I had started my reverse maneouvre. Maybe he and his car have a death wish?

Ouch and air-turned-blue for a good while. Luckily there is no discernible damage to the other car (can you damage a Datsun Stanza any more than it is at its age?), so it's just the insurance excess and DH to get over. At least now I can stop wondering when the first blemish will appear on my perfect (sob) car.

Just when I thought life was improving, as I got my knitting groove back today.....